4 Ways to Engage Your Audience on Social Media

So far we’ve talked about why it is important for your business to work on a social media strategy to generate engagement from your audience and turn them into potential customers.

Now, let’s find out some ways you can increase engagement on you social media channels:

1.   Post every day

You need to be on top of your audience’s newsfeeds with engaging, valuable content. So it is necessary that you post frequently to keep your brand visible. However, don’t overflow them with excessive posts, one to five posts a day is more than enough.

2.   Create compelling images

Think about yourself as a social media user; would you stop to read a post that is filled with text and no attractive image? Then, don’t expect your audience to do so. Add images, graphics, pictures, and infographics to captivate them.

A beautiful and compelling image or graphic can take you a long way, in fact you can even use the attention it gets to get more traffic to your website, by linking it to your blog.

3.   Add value

Every single detail in each of your posts should add value to your target audience. Don’t focus simply on selling, it won’t work, you need to give your followers useful information that makes them want to read everything you post.

For example, if your brand sells dietetic supplements for athletes, on your posts you could give training tips, share healthy and delicious recipes and other relevant information for your target audience.

4.   Reply quickly and in a personalized way

There’s no point in creating an awesome post that engages potential customers if you don’t take the time to reply on their comments or questions. Make sure to do so on time, and in a personalized way, automatic replies are boring and don’t allow open communication between users and the brand.

The key to succeed on any marketing strategy is to get to know your audience’s interests and needs. This way you can define the objectives you want to reach and create the roadmap to achieve them.

Developing social media engagement takes a lot of planning, but once you get to the see the results, you understand that every step of the process was completely worth it for your brand.