Is Instagram Good for Your Business?

Instagram is quickly growing into the most popular social media platform out there, and it’s not surprising. More than any other social media space out there, it relies heavily on the power of visuals. A photo speaks more than a thousand words! This is exactly why businesses relying heavily on visual appeal really thrive on Instagram. Restaurants, coffee shops, clothing companies, artisans – anyone with an actual product to show will really benefit from the many perks of this platform. However, even service providers love it because the “stories” and live feed features can come in handy to create good relationships with the audience.

Instagram is excellent for user engagement, because it’s so easy to reach out to a broad community of people who are interested in your niche. This is due to the flexibility of hashtags and to the fact that it’s possible to interact with non-followers (unless they have a private account).

Creating quality content for Instagram can be essential to promoting your business, and in some cases, even a simple picture taken with a phone can work wonders, if the content is interesting, original and thought-provoking to your audience!