Is there a long term contract? No you're welcome to cancel anytime. If you feel the need to cancel please notify us by email. Your service will continue until the end of the monthly period you have paid for.

How will I be billed for the service? These are monthly recurring charges. The charge will be placed against the credit card used to make your initial purchase. If you decide to cancel your subscription, the charges will stop.

How will you create posts relevant to my business? Once you place your order we'll send you a short questionnaire to collect more information about your business. We'll use all of that information to create your posts.

When will the posting begin? It will take about 3 weeks to review your quesitonnaire and do the online research, along with designing and composing your initial content. You will have an opportunity to review and request revisions once the posts begin. In fact, you are always free to be in touch with us, the is a process of getting to know both you and your business.

Can I continue posting to my account myself? Yes

Can I review the posts before they go out? Yes.

Can you post sales or special events for me? Absolutely! Feel free to send us special event content a month in advance, along with an image you would like us to use. If you don't have an image we will create one for you.

Can I add or delete services? Certainly, we are happy to help you with that anytime.

Will you need access to my social media accounts? Yes, we will need to work directly from your business social media accounts. We have a secure social media set up page, allowing you to privately set up your accounts with us. No need to share your login and password information with us. However, if we are doing an ad campaign for you we will need your login and password information for Facebook and/or Instagram.

Can't I just post more often myself? Yes, of course. Most small businesses start with good intentions but find they can't keep up with the volume after a few days. In reality most business owners are too busy running their business to have time to post with frequency each month.

What is your cancellation policy? You're welcome to cancel anytime by email. Your service will continue until the end of the monthly period in which you cancelled.