Measuring Your Engagement on Social Media

Part of the magic of social media is that you can reach a huge number of users from around the world and, with the right strategy, turn them into potential clients. However, no matter how many people see your posts if they are not engaging, they will be ignored and won’t bring you results.

That is why it is important that you keep track of the metrics of every post or ad you place on social media. By knowing exactly what posts generate more interaction (shares, likes and comments), you can identify what engages your audience and keep working on that kind of content.

There are many ways to measure engagement on social media, the key is to monitor as precisely as possible:

  • Likes and shares
  • Follower growth
  • Active fans
  • Organic results vs. Paid results
  • Click Per Post
  • Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Analytics tools

In addition, there are some useful tools online that can help you manage your social media accounts and measure the results you get with each post or ad.