Content that Engages or Promotes- What Motivates?

You may have planned your content for the upcoming month to promote your business. If you find that you have no such plans in mind, are you even serious about content marketing?

Shrewd digital marketers know the worth of well-phrased content. Their content touches the imagination of the reader and makes him or her click on the link to learn more. Even if it might not have any “buy” option, the reader begins to appreciate your brand.

Giving your brand more visibility is content marketing. It can engage with your client daily through social media posts or visuals or even blatantly promote your brand.

What is most important for your business – promotional or engaging content?  Entrepreneurs, with a vision, know the value of both promoting their brand and engaging with their audience.

Content for promotion is more “on the face” and is straightforward in approach. The writers use keywords that are relevant to the brand. Their approach is to promote or launch their latest products. The images might further accentuate the beauty of the product. But it is content even if it is short of encouraging the buyers to shop right away. Thankfully, understanding this trend, even platforms like YouTube are now coming up with a window below the description box with a Shopping window.

Business is everywhere for a digital marketer. No platform is of any less value, and they realize this. These marketers are also aware of the importance of using content to engage with their customers.

Engaging content will bridge the gap between the buyer and the seller online. The company knows its audience and is clear on what content it may find engaging or interesting. Customers might interact, probing for more insight and information.

Both types of content are essential but used in different measures. Generally, the rule is 20% promotion and 80% engagement but there are always exceptions.  Promotional content is usually aimed at direct selling, whereas engaging content will be for building a strong relationship with the client. In both cases, the customer is your audience, and making them like your brand and urging them to revisit is your goal.