Tips on How to Increase Your Content Response Rate

Create good content that people will care about.

First things first, any promotion effort will be useless if your content is not good to begin with. Aim for quality, and try to post original material as often as you can. Thankfully, there are many inexpensive ways to create thought-provoking content that people will enjoy. From pictures, to blog articles, to videos on Youtube, anything goes! Re-posting other people’s content sourced from various places on the web can be fine every now and then. However, it is often better to avoid doing such things and try to keep things as original as you can. This will also help you establish your reputation and build your credibility as a brand.

Use hooks and catchy introductions to enhance engagement rates

Instead of just reposting a link throughout all of your social media platforms, try to customize the content by adding something original to your posts. You can indeed write a matching caption on Instagram, a custom tweet, and so on – the possibilities are truly endless.

Use hashtags

Some people think that hashtags are way overused these days. While this might be true, especially with certain hashtags, they are still an amazing way to discover new content. The best way to use hashtags is to use a couple of bigger ones (the most popular) and find a couple of smaller ones, hosting niche content that closely relates to your industry.