If Your Facebook Ad Isn’t Working, This is One Reason Why – Targeting

Are you spending a lot of money on Facebook advertising, but you’re not seeing the results you have been hoping for? Chances are, you are targeting the wrong people. Facebook Ads can work wonders for the products and services that you advertise. However, failing to target the right crowd can be just a massive missed opportunity, and a waste of time and money! Learn more and read on to understand better Facebook targeting.

Get Local

Facebook enables you to reach millions of people from all over the word. At times, however, this isn’t exactly what you want to do. With Facebook, you can fine-tune your targeting so that you focus on people who belong to a specific area. Targeting your audience on a regional level can be awesome, especially if your business is particularly related to serving a specific area. If you are trying to advertise a pizza place in LA, chances are, you’ll waste money and time if you advertise to pizza lovers in NYC! Find your local market and embrace it.

Use interest filters

Many people fail to understand the potential of interest filters. By filtering your audience by the things that they are interested in, you might be able to further refine your reach, and connect with an audience that will care about what you can offer.


In some cases, your target audience might be delineated by a specific age range. It’s quite important to target it, if you are only interested in one particular demographic. Gender can also be targeted, in much the same way.