3 Apps Every Small Business Should Be Using


Wait a minute, does Facebook count as a business app? Yes and no.

Facebook is a social networking platform that has revolutionized the way people use the Internet. Today, it might not feel like the hippest website out there, but in turn, it became the default online presence for so many people out there. However, Facebook is increasingly becoming relevant as a marketplace, where people and businesses can interact.

In addition to that, Facebook also provides incredible promotional opportunities in the form of its post boosting features and ad campaigns. Facebook ads are easy to create, and they are relatively cost-effective when it comes to promoting your business to a larger audience. Many small businesses all over the world rely heavily on Facebook ad campaigns in order to promote their products and services.


If Facebook is becoming that brunch spot where you catch up with your close ones and relatives, Instagram is the hip bar where you enjoy yourself with friends and even meet new people. Facebook is a bit more insular, meaning that people only tend to interact with those in their social circles (i.e., their “Friends.”)

However, Instagram values content, meaning that pictures and hashtags have the potential to spread out to a huge global audience. Instagram is becoming incredibly relevant to small businesses, particularly because it offers a fantastic visual way to promote products. Unsurprisingly, Instagram is more than just another social media platform for many businesses out there. This app is especially relevant to businesses that benefit from visual content to enhance their brands and further promote their products. Geolocation is also a great way to further define your audience.


Not every app is related to engaging with the audience and promoting your business. There is a huge variety of incredibly valuable apps related to productivity and efficiency. The award-winning time management app “RescueTime,” is one of them. This clever solution allows users to keep track of the time they spend on each activity and other platforms, giving them valuable insight into their productivity and daily work habits.

Bonus Mention: SQUARE

Credit card processing is becoming increasingly more important. Today, apps like SQUARE enable small businesses to read cards and facilitate cash-less payments without the need for expensive set-ups. This is a godsend for small businesses, such as Food trucks, Tattoo Studios, Cafes, and so on. Other companies, including Paypal, are adopting similar “point-of-sale” services that are particularly designed for independent professionals and small businesses alike.

In conclusion, this article barely scratches the surface. These are only some of the most sought-after apps that any small business should consider!