How to Make Your Linkedin Page More Personable

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social networking platforms. If used properly, the site can become a beneficial resource. LinkedIn provides connections and exposure, so ensuring your profile appears as personal as possible is essential.


Your LinkedIn page is not a CV.

LinkedIn has many features that make it comparable to a resume, but remember one thing: this is not a CV! Treating your LinkedIn page as if it was nothing but a mere curriculum vitae is pretty much a surefire way to make your profile look stiff and “stock.” Make sure to use LinkedIn as a networking platform. Interact with people, comment, share, use it regularly and keep it lively and engaging for people in your circles.


Post Status Updates Regularly And Share Content

Status updates and sharing content are integral components of the LinkedIn experience. You can use these features to showcase your work and personality. Post about what you’re working on, shout out your collaborators and tell the world about your skills and work. More importantly, you can use this feature to share relevant industry news and other content. This is a great way to show people in your network that you stay in the loop and love keeping up with the latest happenings and trends in your industry.


Keep your information and contact details up to date

Many people look at their LinkedIn account as something of a “set-and-forget” situation. However, LinkedIn can be a truly fantastic network if it is actually populated with up-to-date information and relevant content. In order to be taken more seriously and showcase your personality, it can be critical to add accurate information and make sure you’re as accessible as you want to be with appropriate contact details.


Put more emphasis on your bio section

The bio or “about me” section on LinkedIn is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any profile. Despite that, it is often overlooked. Many people don’t have a biography at all. Others use the space to list achievements and job titles. Not having a proper bio is a big missed opportunity. This space is for you to showcase some of your personality, passions, and skills. Make sure you embrace a more down-to-earth style and write a first-person perspective piece. You want to keep it concise and avoid mentioning too many accolades, achievements, and job titles. Remember, this is not a resume! Be authentic and describe yourself in a nutshell for the best results.


Use the right photo

Although LinkedIn is a social media platform with a professional focus, the right photo can convey more personality. Avoid the usual “stock” corporate portrait and go for something that’s a little more personal and relatable if you want to stand out. By all means, your photos should be professional. Still, a professional photo shoot doesn’t need to be stiff or overly constricted. Your photograph can help you tell your story, so make sure it speaks volumes about who you are and what people can expect from you.