Contests and Promotions on Instagram

There are many useful social media platforms for businesses and entrepreneurs. However, Instagram still retains a really important place in the industry. What made this social media app a true game changer was the fact that the content on this platform is heavily leaning on the importance of visuals. In some industries, relying on amazing images is super important in terms of marketing and branding. People tend to like engaging with photographic content, stories, and reels they enjoy. For this reason, Instagram posts can be fantastic for companies and entrepreneurs to keep growing their businesses. In addition, it is possible to further engage the audience by using promotions, contests, and competitions!

Giveaways and contests.

Many businesses run contests and special giveaways through their Instagram accounts. This is a fantastic way to prompt people to take action. They use hashtags, as well as following pages, liking posts, and spreading the word by tagging other users. Setting up a giveaway or a prize isn’t a huge cost for most businesses. However, the returns can be outstanding in terms of marketing and visibility.

Promotions and special offers

Many companies love to use their Instagram to run special promotions and offers. This practice has many benefits. One of the most notable is that people will keep engaging with the page since they will want to be on the lookout for promotions and offers they might miss out on. Another benefit is that having promotions and special offers through Instagram will drive people to follow your account. Those who are interested in your advertisements are going to give you a follow so they can keep up with what you are offering! It is worth noting that when providing promotions and special offers via Instagram it’s very important to be as transparent as possible to avoid issues and it gives people a clear idea of what they can expect from you.

Instagram still stands out as one of the most valuable tools for almost any business. It is important to cultivate a strong following for it. Using content, promotions, and other strategies can help you expand your crowd and potentially even turn those followers into active supporters and customers! Instagram has very specific rules when it comes to promotions. If you are interested in exploring the platform’s official stance and rules on promotions, you can check out the rules on the official page below.


As the rules state, it’s important to tag products, companies, and pages correctly to avoid any misleading statements and false information.

To conclude, do not be afraid of being creative! Be sure you follow the rules and do everything by the book. Besides that, feel free to use your creative vision to come up with some amazing ideas to launch unique and engaging contests, as well as new promotions that people will love! Brainstorm ideas and, even better, check out what other companies are doing to see what seems to be successful and what is making an impact.