Why and When to Use Linkedin to Promote Your Business

Linkedin is a popular social networking website, which is quite different from many other platforms out there. What makes LinkedIn truly one-of-a-kind is definitely the fact that this website is designed for professionals only. In short, it is a social platform designed to connect professionals and business representatives, and it can be a game-changer for anybody interested in building more connections, and an expanded career. 

LinkedIn can also be a great platform to promote your business. Why, when, and how should you use it? LinkedIn can be useful to establish your brand within a specific industry. Many executives use it to share business-related news and content, promoting it to other industry professionals. In turn, this can generate more interest in the business, as well as further solidifying the brand’s status in the industry. LinkedIn can also be a great place to promote your company culture and attract top talent in your industry if you are looking to increase your workforce!