3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media marketing is all about interacting with people and keeping them engaged.  At times, doing it right can be complicated. Keep reading to learn more about the three social media marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

Posting too much and too frequently.

At times, overexposure can be just as harmful as underexposure. This is especially true on social media platforms, where people spend a lot of their time every day. When they scroll through their feeds, check out their stories and try to keep up with what their friends are doing, people don’t want to see the same post from the same people all the time. If you post too much and too often, you might risk getting on people’s nerves. As a result, your engagement rate will drop, and you will alienate your audience. It is essential to get organized when you want to post content to your social media, especially for marketing purposes. Possibly, have some content prepared in advance and schedule your post early, so you know what to post and when.  Every platform is different and has unique operational requirements.  For example, Facebook delivers each of your posts to fewer than 2% of your followers so it’s necessary to post more frequently there.  Posting 5 times every day on Facebook would mean that each of your followers would hear from you once every 10 days.  However, posting 5 times every day on Instagram would tend to alienate your audience.  So consider each platform individually for the optimum posting schedule.

Trying to make every post huge.

There is a time for important, big pieces of content that are meant to generate more engagement. However, there is also a time for smaller social interactions that still allow you to connect with the audience on a more personal level.

Low-effort content

Many companies post low effort content, which is often not original. There is nothing wrong with reposting a photo or a video from the internet now and then. In fact, it can actually be useful but should be kept to a minimum. Why should your followers care about you, if you are’t able to offer anything unique?  Have some fun with your content.  It will be more enjoyable for you and your readers will appreciate your unique perspective.